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Lucasfilm Limited and Walt Disney Pictures present the first of their interstitial adventures, inspired by George Lucas' Star Wars saga, focusing on Rebel Alliance fighter Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) who leads a mission to steal the Empire's plans for a powerful new moon-sized battle station, the Death Star. Director Gareth Edwards collaborates with senior visual effects supervisor John Knoll, who co-authored the film's story, makeup effects supervisor Neal Scanlan, special effects supervisor Neil Corbould, and visual effects artisans at Industrial Light & Magic.  
Following a malfunction on board a luxury spacecraft, passengers Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) emerge from cryogenic sleep, 60 years before their scheduled arrival at a distant colony planet. Sony Pictures Entertainment presents a romantic deep space drama directed by Morten Tyldum. Visual effects supervisor Erik Nordby and visual effects producer Greg Baxter join forces with MPC to conjure science fiction settings conceived by production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas, with Daniel Sudick as special effects supervisor.  
Inspired by Michael Crichton's 1973 hit film about a futuristic amusement park populated by artificial beings, HBO's Westworld television series is the brainchild of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy Nolan, with J.J. Abrams serving as executive producer. Makeup effects by Tinsley Studio, on-set practical effects by coordinator Michael Lantieri, and visual effects by Important Looking Pirates and CoSA VFX, under the supervision of Jay Worth, deliver sequences that explore the dire consequences of robots getting the better of their human 'masters.'  
A Monster Calls  
Focus Features presents director J.A. Bayona's film of an award-winning children's book about a young boy (Lewis MacDougall) haunted by the spirit of an ancient tree (voiced by Liam Neeson) during his mother's terminal illness. Visual effects supervisor Félix Bergés brought to life the Monster with DDT Efectos Especiales, special effects supervisor Pau Costa and digital artisans at MPC and El Ranchito. Magicon GmbH supplied miniature effects, Headless Pictures and Glassworks Barcelona created animated sequences, and MiopĂ­a Efectos Visuales, Lamppost and Minimo VFX supplied additional effects.  
Exploring Virtual Reality    
Throughout the history of cinema, filmmakers have constantly sought new ways to immerse audiences in the stories they tell. Screens have grown bigger. Stereo projection has brought the illusion of depth. Now, advances in camera technology, digital imaging, heads-up display systems and computing power have converged to make the total immersion of virtual reality ... well, a reality. For the first time, Cinefex explores the brave new world of VR, speaking with leaders in the field about its past, present and future and discussing the implications of virtual reality for the future of storytelling.    
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