Bots & Bayhem
Article by Jody Duncan
Inspired by the immensely popular 1980s-era toy line, director Michael Bay's summer blockbuster, Transformers, re-introduced all the denizens of the much-loved Transformers mythology — including good-guy Autobots and bad-guy Decepticons, disguised as cars, jets, tanks and other machinery. Principal effects house Industrial Light & Magic rose to the challenge of creating the film's sizable contingent of CG robots, animating them to transform and battle each other over the fate of humankind. Additional visual effects support was provided by Digital Domain, with miniature effects by Kerner Optical.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Army of Darkness
Article by Joe Fordham
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth installment in the blockbuster film franchise based on the bestselling books by J. K. Rowling, reunited key behind-the-scenes creatives from the previous films, including visual effects supervisor Tim Burke and makeup and creature designer Nick Dudman. Joining them, and new director David Yates, was an international team of visual effects vendors charged with creating the colorful array of magical creatures, dark villains, exotic locales and wizarding action audiences have come to expect from the series. Physical effects, including flying rigs and pyrotechnics, were the work of special effects supervisor John Richardson.
Article by Jody Duncan
For Stardust, an enchanting tale about a lovelorn hero who falls for a fallen star in the form of a beautiful young woman, director Matthew Vaughn opted for a no-frills, straightforward approach to the movie's slate of fanciful effects involving ghosts, witches and magical realms. Visual effects supervisor Peter Chiang called upon Double Negative and LipSync Post to oversee much of the work, with additional shots distributed among six supporting vendors. Makeup effects were designed by Nik Williams and created by Animated Extras.
Overview: Tom Wood on Sunshine
Article by Jody Duncan
A dying sun threatens extinction of all life on earth, necessitating a daring rescue mission to reignite the star in Sunshine, directed by Danny Boyle, with visual effects by The Moving Picture Company.
Resident Evil 3
Overview: Evan Jacobs & Patrick Tatopoulos on Resident Evil 3
Article by Joe Fordham
Refugee survivors of a zombie holocaust, led by a genetically altered soldier, fight back in Resident Evil: Extinction, third in a film series based on the popular shoot-'em-up videogame. Visual effects were provided by Mr. X, makeup effects by Patrick Tatopoulos Studios and miniatures by New Deal Studios.
Q&A: Hoyt Yeatman
Interview by Estelle Shay
Veteran visual effects supervisor and Dream Quest founding partner Hoyt Yeatman expounds on the closure of his company, the vicissitudes of a rapidly-changing industry, and his recent efforts to reinvent himself as both a director and creator of content for motion pictures.
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