The Dark Knight
Batman Grounded
Article by Jody Duncan
Director Christopher Nolan follows up his hugely successful Batman Begins with an even grittier take on the enduring comic book saga, as his Caped Crusader faces off against The Joker, portrayed with darkly comic and disturbing lunacy by Heath Ledger. Lending verisimilitude to Gotham locales were IMAX-resolution shots by Double Negative, Framestore and BUF Compagnie, under visual effects supervisor Nick Davis. Jaw-dropping effects and paraphernalia devised by special effects supervisor Chris Corbould and his team added to the film's gripping sense of reality. 
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Atomic Age Hero
Article by Joe Fordham
Following a 20-year hiatus, director Steven Spielberg and producer George Lucas pick up the trail of cinema's most iconic adventurer in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, featuring Harrison Ford as the aging archeologist, who teams with a young accomplice to track a mysterious crystal skull in the jungles of South America.  Special effects by Daniel Sudick, and practical props by Stan Winston Studio, paid homage to the pre-digital look of the franchise's earlier films, while visual effects supervisor Pablo Helman orchestrated digital effects by Industrial Light & Magic.
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Paranormal Parade
Article by David W. Marshall
In Hellboy II: The Golden Army, a sequel to the 2004 film based on the demonic hero, writer/director Guillermo Del Toro returns with all-new parade of paranormal characters. Joining him were Hellboy veterans Spectral Motion and Efectos Especiales DDT, who led the makeup and practical creature effects, while visual effects supervisor Mike Wassel, working with lead effects company Double Negative and a host of supporting vendors, added digital panache to the visual feast.
Overview: Carey Villegas & Ken Hahn on Hancock
Article by Joe Fordham
Will Smith stars as an unlikable and reluctant superhero in serious need of an image makeover in Hancock, a clever twist on the genre. Sony Pictures Imageworks and a host of supporting vendors breathed life into director Peter Berg's vision of the offbeat hero's rough and tumble world.
Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D
Q&A with Eric Brevig
Interview by Jody Duncan
Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor Eric Brevig shares insights and anecdotes about his directorial debut, Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D.
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