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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Unusual Birth of Benjamin Button
Article by Jody Duncan
More than a decade in development, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, about a man who ages in reverse, led director David Fincher, visual effects supervisor Eric Barba and technical wizards at Digital Domain to major breakthroughs in CG animation, rendering and tracking techniques required to convincingly age actor Brad Pitt in scenes of Benjamin's early years. Other effects involving the film's many period settings were the work of Matte World Digital, Asylum and Hydraulx, while Lola VFX performed 'youthening' effects on Pitt and Cate Blanchett, as Benjamin's lifelong love.
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Global Warning
Article by Bill Butler
In The Day the Earth Stood Still, a modern-day remake of a classic 1951 science-fiction film in which an intergalactic emissary arrives on earth with a warning for earth's leaders, director Scott Derrickson charged visual effects supervisor Jeffrey Okun with updating the film's core effects while still paying homage to the original. Weta Digital, Cinesite, Flash Film Works and CosFX, along with a handful of supporting vendors, were enlisted to put a new spin on such iconic elements as the alien Klaatu, his robot companion Gort, and their mode of interplanetary transport. Special creature effects were the work of Todd Masters of Masters FX.
Quantum of Solace
Quantum Leap
Article by Joe Fordham
The ever-popular Bond franchise returns with Quantum Leap, starring Daniel Craig as secret agent 007 in an edgy tale of revenge as Bond, on a trail of intrigue and corruption, sets out to even the score following the death of his former lover. To realize the film's ambitious action — which spanned the globe and encompassed land, sea and air — director Marc Forster and frequent collaborator and visual effects designer Kevin Tod Haug called upon Double Negative, The Moving Picture Company, Framestore, Machine and MK12, to join forces with special effects supervisor and franchise veteran Chris Corbould in a perfect marriage of visual and physical effects.
City of Ember
Countdown to Doomsday
Article by Joe Fordham
Physical effects by Kit West and digital set extensions by BUF Compagnie and Luma Pictures lend verisimilitude to subterranean settings in City of Ember, about the inhabitants of an underground city who learn that their singular existence is owing to a long-ago nuclear war that destroyed everything above-ground.
Stuart Freeborn
Profile by Mark Burman
Legendary makeup artist Stuart Freeborn — a veteran of 2001: A Space Odyssey and the Star Wars franchise — discusses his remarkable and prolific career in this special Cinefex retrospective.
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