Never Say Never Again
David Dryer - Never Say Never Again
Interview by Don Shay
Never Say Never Again — the maverick James Bond film starring the original 007, Sean Connery — emerged this fall as one of the series' strongest entries. To helm its postproduction opticals, producer Jack Schwartzman selected Oscar nominee David Dryer. Dryer — who utilized the high-tech facilities of Apogee — details the techniques employed to produce the pivotal cruise missle hijacking, the holographic videogame confrontation between Bond and Largo, and other less apparent illusions.
The Day After
Waging a Four-Minute War
Article by Adam Eisenberg
In a storm of protest and praise, ABC's video presentation of The Day After descended upon the American public as a grim reminder of the potential horrors of nuclear weaponry. Recalling the highly-charged atmosphere of creative enthusiasm and emotional abhorrence, effects supervisor Robert Blalack and members of his Praxis Film Works team discuss their involvement on the film augmented by Mike Minkow of Movie Magic; and with additional recollections from director Nicholas Meyer, his predecessor Robert Butler, and production designer Peter Wooley.
Photographs and Memories - Ralph Hammeras
Edited by Don Shay
In a career spanning almost half a century, effects pioneer Ralph Hammeras worked on some one thousand motion pictures — garnering, in the process, four Academy Award nominations and one Oscar. As recounted in his own words — put to paper nearly twenty years ago — Hammeras reminisces about his early days in the film business, his development of the "glass shot" and rear process photography, and his work on such significant effects productions as The Lost World, Just Imagine and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
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