The Fly
The Fly Papers
Article by Tim Lucas
For almost thirty years, The Fly has held a cherished place in the hearts and minds of genre film enthusiasts; so the decision to remake it was not surprising. Only its essential premise, however, would be retained. Under the direction of David Cronenberg, the story became one of a scientist whose genes are scrambled with those of a common housefly producing a mutant form that evolves incessantly into something neither human nor insect. Discussing the film and its manifold complexities are director David Cronenberg, special makeup creator Chris Walas, video effects supervisor Lee Wilson and others.
Big Trouble in Little China
Putting Big Trouble into Little China
Article by Janine Pourroy
For Big Trouble in Little China — a sprawling fantasy-adventure set in an imaginary world under a Chinatown — director John Carpenter needed a special effects facility that could respond to the demands of a script that called for a wide range of makeup and creature effects as well as precision opticals and animation. Rising to the task was Richard Edlund and his Boss Film Corporation who collectively produced a 2000-year-old evil magician, a flying fleshball covered with eyes, several monsters and spirits of indeterminate origin, plus a vast array of lightning effects and other illusions.
Short Circuit
Building the Body Electric
Article by Jody Duncan Shay
The Short Circuit script had everything - adventure, humor, warmth — and John Badham knew immediately that he wanted to direct it. All it needed for success was a very special lead player — a six-foot-tall robot with an engaging personality who could drive trucks, dance disco and chase butterflies. The task of producing this singular perfomer fell to robot construction supervisor Eric Allard, futurist designer Syd Mead, puppeteer Tony Urbano and physical effects coordinator Chuck Gaspar - all of whom discuss in detail the creation of a very unique Hollywood star.
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