Dead Ringers
Double Vision
Article by Don Shay
On Dead Ringers — the latest chiller by horror impresario David Cronenberg — optical effects supervisor Lee Wilson worked with Balsmeyer and Everett and Film Effects of Toronto to create a new generation of split-screen opticals that enabled actor Jeremy Irons to play scenes with himself as twin brothers without the customary restriction of stationary splits or even locked-off cameras.
Alien Nation
A Planetful of Aliens
Article by Ron Magid
To fulfill a need for hundreds of extraterrestrial characters — ranging from principal players to incidental extras — the producers of Alien Nation turned to Stan Winston Studios. There — under the direction of Alec Gillis, Shane Mahan, John Rosengrant and Tom Woodruff Jr., with on-set collaboration by Zoltan Elek - was mounted the largest makeup effects show in twenty years.
Die Hard
Exaggerated Reality
Article by Adam Eisenberg
Even with near-total access to a brand new high-rise building, the makers of Die Hard needed something more to bring their action thriller to the screen. To simulate a bomb blast in an elevator shaft and a giant rooftop explosion and helicopter crash, producer Joel Silver enlisted the services of visual effects producer Richard Edlund and his Boss Film Corporation.
The Blob
The Right Blob for the Right Job
Article by Robert G. Pielke
For his updated remake of The Blob, director Chuck Russell engaged visual effects production supervisor Michael Fink to oversee an outpouring of cinematic illusions that included gooey creature effects by Lyle Conway and Stuart Ziff, special makeup creations by Tony Gardner and opticals and miniature photography by Hoyt Yeatman and Dream Quest Images.
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