Toy Wars
Article by Mark Cotta Vaz
Known for poignant, richly-drawn slice-of-life films such as Diner and Avalon, director Barry Levinson took a more fanciful turn with Toys, an anti-war parable starring Robin Williams. Helping Levinson to explore Toys' bizarre world were production designer Ferdinando Scarfiotti, effects coordinator Clayton Pinney and a full roster of mechanical and visual effects artisans.
Effects in the Vertical Realm
Article by Debra Kaufman
Centering on a team of expert mountain climbers and set atop the rugged peaks of the Colorado Rockies, Cliffhanger was a dizzying adventure in filmmaking for director Renny Harlinand his production crew. Key providers of the film's 'over-the-edge' illusions were special effects veteran John Richardson and visual effects supervisors Neil Krepela and John Bruno of Boss Film.
Fire in the Sky: Unfriendly Skies
Commercial Spot: Thoroughbred Animation
Video Beat: Deep Space Miniatures
Commercial Spot: What's Up, Nike?
Video Beat: Chronicling Young Indy
Effects Scene: The Perigee of Apogee
Profile: Peter Kuran
Laserdisc Revolution: Tall Tales and Epic Lore
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