True Lies
Mayhem Over Miami
Article by Don Shay
In his latest cinematic extravaganza, True Lies, writer-director James Cameron spiced his trademark action with comedy in depicting a few days in the harried life of Harry Tasker — a secret agent whose super-secretiveness extends even to his wife and family. Assigned to deliver the lion's share of visual effects for the film was Digital Domain — a startup company formed by Cameron and associates — which produced more than a hundred traditional and digital effects shots. Providing major and minor support were a number of other companies including Pacific Data Images and Boss Film Studios.
Special Venues: Moon Shots
Terminal Velocity: Terminal Effects
Video Beat: Alien Nation Revisited
Company File: Animal Makers
Commercial Spot: 'They Keep Going and Going . . .'
Speed: Maximum Speed
Closeup: Adding Teeth to Wolf
Company File: Makeup & Effects Laboratories
Profile: Randal M. Dutra
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