Star Wars
War Stories
Article by Kevin H. Martin
Twenty years ago, a group of young artists and technicians took over a vacant warehouse — and soon took over an industry. More than a dozen of the original Star Wars team members reminisce about making one of the most influential films of all time.
30 Minutes With the Godfather of Digital Cinema
Interview by Don Shay
No one has done more to change the face of visual effects than George Lucas. In an exclusive interview, he discusses ILM and its contributions to the field — and drops a few hints of what to expect in the Star Wars special editions and the long-awaited prequels.
20 Years of Industrial Light & Magic
Survey by Jody Duncan
Established by George Lucas to insure himself first-rate effects for his own productions, Industrial Light & Magic has grown into a service organization that has supplied visual alchemy for every major studio and many of the world's top filmmakers.
After the Rebellion
Article by Mark Cotta Vaz
Industrial Light & Magic, then and now — two decades in the evolution of a technological titan.
Dennis Muren - Playing it Unsafe
Article by Don Shay
Though he now has eight Academy Awards — more than anyone else alive — Dennis Muren is down-to-earth in his insistence that the work is all that matters to him. A look back at his humble beginnings and celebrated achievements.
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