Heart and Soul
Article by Jody Duncan
Producer Rafaella de Laurentiis had to wait five years for effects technology to catch up with the demands of her dream project. But with perseverance, director Rob Cohen and cutting-edge digital effects by Industrial Light & Magic, Dragonheart and its uniquely expressive talking dragon at last came wholly to life.
Riders on the Storm
Article by Jonathan Luskin
Director Jan De Bont realized that a dead-on depiction of tornadoes and the destruction they wreak was essential to Twister, his suspense thriller about daredevil storm-chasers. Enlisted to produce the integrated effects were physical effects supervisor John Frazier and the digital team at Industrial Light & Magic.
James and the Giant Peach
A Giant Peach in the Big Apple
Article by Mark Cotta Vaz
To bring James and the Giant Peach, the classic Roald Dahl children's story, to the the screen through the medium of puppet animation, director Henry Selick orchestrated a massive two-year stop-motion effort augmented with digital contributions by Sony Pictures Imageworks and Buena Vista Visual Effects.
Aftershocks: Return of the Worms
Flipper: Dolphin Doubles
Sgt. Bilko: Techno-Tank Trickery
White Squall: Stormy Weather
Gulliver's Travels: A Brobdingnagian Endeavor
Michael Fink: From Fine Arts to Filmmaking
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