Independence Day
Article by Tim Prokop
To supply the staggering volume of effects required for Independence Day, director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin chose not to engage a major effects facility, electing instead to build an in-house miniatures and pyrotechnic unit, coupled with an independent digital effects unit, dedicated solely to the production.
Mission: Impossible
Cruising the Digital Backlot
Article by Mark Cotta Vaz
The action finale of Mission: Impossible — created by Industrial Light & Magic — entailed placing a computer generated train and helicopter into digitally altered or created backgrounds, enhanced with elaborate miniature work and pyrotechnics.
Split Personalities
Article by Janine Pourroy
For Multiplicity — a comedy about a man who hopes to find time for himself by undergoing a cloning procedure — director Harold Ramis engaged Boss Film Studios to produce four distinct versions of actor Michael Keaton, all of whom had to interact verbally and physically during the course of the film.
The Nutty Professor: Pleasingly Klump
Escape from L.A.: Hasta La Buena Vista
The Arrival: Temperatures Rising
The Frighteners: The Thrill of the Haunt
Hercules: Solving Mythical Dilemmas
The Adventures of Pinocchio: Puppetmasters
Nike Commercial: Eyes on the Ball
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