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The Relic
The Calisto Effect
Article by Rita Street
In The Relic — directed by Peter Hyams — a genetically mutated beast prowls the dark recesses of a cavernous natural history museum looking for human prey. Charged with designing and fabricating the monster were the creature creators at Stan Winston Studio, abetted in the digital realm by effects artisans at VIFX.
Dante's Peak
Dante's Inferno
Article by Rita Street
For his epic disaster movie, Dante's Peak, director Roger Donaldson was determined to simulate on film a massive volcanic eruption that was both dramatic and realistic. Engaged to deliver the goods were visual effects supervisor Patrick McClung of Digital Domain and special effects supervisor Roy Arbogast.
Star Trek: First Contact
Phoenix Rising
Article by Kevin H. Martin
The eighth offering in an enduring franchise, Star Trek: First Contact marked the first film carried solely by The Next Generation crew, and the feature directing debut of cast member Jonathan Frakes. Supplying effects were series regulars Industrial Light & Magic and makeup creator Michael Westmore.
Star Wars Trilogy: Everything Old Is New Again
Turbulence: Terror in the Skies
101 Dalmations: Puppy Proliferation
The Sixth Man: Hoop Schemes
Crash McCreery: Doing Dinosaurs and Such
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