Tronic Imagery
Article by Peter Sorensen
Tron signals the emergence of the Walt Disney organization from the black hole of formula filmmaking which has characterized the studio since the death of its founder. Combining state-of-the-art computer generated imagery with dazzling animation-enhanced live-action, the film creates an energy-charged parallel world of video games and electronic beings. Writer-director Steven Lisberger explains his concept for the film and traces the steps involved in seeing it through to fruition, while effects co-supervisors Richard Taylor and Harrison Ellenshaw reveal the technical aspects of the filic innovations employed. Providing additional details are conceptual artist Syd Mead, technical effects supervisor John Scheele, animation effects chief Lee Dyer, and nearly a dozen other technicians and artists.
Slient Running
Article by Pamela Duncan
A rare journey into the humanistic side of science fiction, Silent Running was pieced together a decade ago by Douglas Trumbull and a team of dedicated technicians and designers, many of whom have since risen to prominence in the field of special effects. Trumbull details the evolution of the project and his involvement as writer-director and effects supervisor. Effects co-supervisors John Dykstra and Richard Yuricich explain the varied techniques involved in filming the space freighter Valley Forge. In addition, the transformation of a Navy aircraft carrier into a spaceship interior, the design and construction of the unique drone robots and mini-cars, and a variety of other production details are discussed at length by art director Wayne Smith, drone coordinators James Dow and Don Trumbull, and special designers Bill Short and Richard Alexander.
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