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Spider-Man 3 / Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End / Children of Men

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Spider-Man 3
The Enemy Within
Article by Jody Duncan

With Spider-Man 3, director Sam Raimi returns for the third installment in his blockbuster franchise based on Marvel Comics' famed superhero, this time delving into the darker side of Peter Parker, whose predatory nature emerges after he is exposed to a symbiotic alien virus. Visual effects supervisor Scott Stokdyk tackled the effects assignment, with Sony Pictures Imageworks handling the bulk of the work, while a dozen other vendors contributed. Chief among the challenges were high-octane action scenes featuring a new black-suited Spider-Man and a trio of villains that included Venom, Sandman and Harry Osborn in updated Goblin guise. Special effects were supervised by John Frazier.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Into the Maelstrom
Article by Joe Fordham

Riding the wave of pirate mania generated by their first two films based on the popular Disney theme park attraction, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski deliver a spectacular conclusion to their swashbuckling trilogy with Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Returning visual effects supervisor Charles Gibson and lead effects house Industrial Light & Magic — along with a large contingent of supporting vendors — pull out all the stops, spicing up the requisite sea lore with even more pirate ships, large-scale sea battles, ghostly effects and fantastic environments than the two previous films combined. Miniatures by Kerner Optical and special effects by John Frazier added to the thrills.

Children of Men
The Human Project
Article by Joe Fordham

To create a near-dystopian future for his critically acclaimed Children of Men, director Alfonso Cuarón relied on subtle visual effects by Double Negative and Framestore CFC. Double Negative created altered environments and digital blends for a number of intricately choreographed shots running several minutes each, while Framestore CFC created a digital newborn for a pivotal childbirth scene. Physical effects by Paul Corbould and makeup effects by Nick Dudman added to the gritty realism.

The Last Mimzy
Overview: Eric Durst & Stu Maschwitz on The Last Mimzy
Article by Estelle Shay

New Line Cinema founder Robert Shaye called upon visual effects supervisor Eric Durst and a contingent of effects vendors headed by The Orphanage to design and create fanciful, yet realistic effects for The Last Mimzy, a metaphysical tale of two children who rescue mankind from a bleak fate with the help of a strange box of futuristic toys.

Overview: John Sullivan on Next
Article by Jody Duncan

For Next, based on the Philip K. Dick story about a man with the ability to see into his own future, visual effects supervisor John Sullivan, digital artists from seven companies, and special effects supervisor Clay Pinney joined forces to realize high-powered action scenes and a cataclysmic finale.